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256 Chapt. 34 Maxwell’s Equations, Electromagnetic Radiation and Special Relativity system behaves, one must solve the equations for electromagnetic Felds. The particular solutions are determined by the laws together with particular which for time-varying systems include in time which are often initial conditions. a) formulae b) middle conditions c) equations d) boundary conditions e) laws 034 qmult 00200 1 1 1 easy memory: EMR wave equation 6. In the absence of charge, Maxwell was able to manipulate the Maxwell’s equations such that they yielded for one dimension in vacuum in scalar form the equations 2 E ∂x 2 = μ 0 ε 0 2 E ∂t 2 and 2 B ∂x 2 = μ 0 ε 0 2 B ∂t 2 . Despite appearances, the E-Felds and B-Felds satisfying these equations are coupled and one has in fact that B E = μ 0 ε 0 , Maxwell’s recognized his equations as examples of the standard 2 f ∂x 2 = 1 v 2 2 f ∂t 2 , where v was the phase speed of propagation. He thus identiFed v = 1 μ
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