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260 Chapt. 34 Maxwell’s Equations, Electromagnetic Radiation and Special Relativity line is tangent to the Earth’s circular orbit. So given all this preamble, about what is the orbital speed of Earth? a) 90 km / s. b) 60 km / s. c) 30 km / s. d) 656 km / s. e) 1300 km / s. 034 qmult 00910 1 1 1 easy memory: photons, dangerous, organic molecules Extra keywords: Needs to be corrected for fast electrons. 27. Why is UV and higher frequency electromagnetic radiation dangerous to life? a) The photons of such high frequency radiation ARE strong enough and often penetrating enough to break the bonds of organic molecules in cells. Such molecular damage (to DNA in particular) can destroy function and lead to mutations and cancers. Lower frequency radiation no matter how intense is usually much less dangerous because the photo-disassociation bond-breaking process is usually a single-photon absorption process. b) The photons of such high frequency radiation
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