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Chapt. 34 Maxwell’s Equations, Electromagnetic Radiation and Special Relativity 263 a) For analytic results, one frequently wants to use a dimensionless (i.e., unitless) variable in place of λ . The conventional choice is x = hc kTλ . Write B λ in terms of x eliminating all explicit λ ’s. b) Find the formula for a non-zero, ±nite x that makes B λ stationary with respect to λ . Use the chain rule. Note NO explicit analytic formula exists for x . The best you can do is ±nd a simple implicit formula for x : i.e., implicit in this case means that x occurs on both sides of an equal sign. Is the stationary point going to be a maximum, minimum, or in²ection point? Explain why. c) By roughly plotting both sides of the formula found in the part (b) answer or by any other means determine the x that makes B λ stationary. d) From the results of foregoing parts, derive Wien’s displacement law with an approximate value for Wien’s displacement constant (i.e., the constant in Wien’s displacement law).
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