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266 Chapt. 35 Geometrical Optics 035 qmult 00456 1 1 4 easy memory: mirror equation problem Extra keywords: a trick question 14. For a spherical mirror, the image distance d i = 30 cm and the focal length is f = 20 cm. What is the object distance? a) 60 cm. b) 20 cm. c) 20 cm. d) There is no real object in this case. e) 30 cm. 035 qmult 00460 1 1 5 easy memory: van Eyck Arnol±ni 15. In the Arnolf Portrait by Jan van Eyck right below the artist’s signature (Jan van Eyck was here. 1434—“Just a moment ago it seems”) is a small spherical mirror with distorted images including it seems the van Eyck himself in blue. The objects for the images are farther away the mirror than the absolute value of the focal length it seems—and they are upright. The mirror is: a) contradicted. b) condescended. c) condensed. d) concave. e) convex. 035 qmult 01000 1 1 3 easy memory: refraction 16. The de²ection of light rays at the interfaces of homogeneous media is: a) di³raction. b) re²ection. c) refraction.
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