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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 272

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 272 - 268 Chapt 35 Geometrical...

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268 Chapt. 35 Geometrical Optics a) double concave; double convex b) double convex; double concave c) spherical; antispherical d) planar; flat e) triple convex; triple concave 035 qmult 01530 1 1 3 easy memory: thin-lens equation 27. The thin-lens equation is: a) n 1 sin θ 1 = n 2 sin θ 2 . b) θ incident = θ reflected . c) 1 f = 1 d o + 1 d i . d) m = h i h o = d i d o . e) θ reflected = sin θ incident . 035 qmult 01540 2 5 3 moderate thinking: converging lens image 28. The object of a converging lens that is located farther from the focal point on one side of the lens causes a real image to be formed on the other side of the lens farther from the other side’s focal point. But what do you see if you look at the object through the lens but are nearer to the lens than the image? HINT: What would you see if your eye were right close to the lens where it could be approximated as a planar slab of glass? a) You would see an UNINVERTED image of the object which would be somewhat blurry depending on how well your eyes could focus it. Normal or corrected-to-normal vision is
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