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Unformatted text preview: 270 Chapt. 35 Geometrical Optics table and stand a distance x away: you are the origin of the x- y system naturellement which is un syst` eme Cart esien naturellement. The flame is equidistant from the mirrors as is yourself. The flame and your eyes are at the same height. Having studied Euclids Catoprics under your personal geometry tutor, you know all about the geometrical optics of reflection. a) Qualitatively, how would you describe the appearance of the flame images that you see in the mirror in the positive y-direction? b) Qualitatively describe how a ray from the candle gets to your eye for any image. HINT: Reflect on the law of reflection. Drawing a diagram helps a lot. c) Show that the last reflection of a ray before it hits your eye occurs at x = x 2 n , where n is number of reflections that the ray has gone through. HINT: Drawing a diagram helps a lot. d) What is the apparent y distance to the flame images as a function of n ? HINT: Drawing a diagram helps a lot.a diagram helps a lot....
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