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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 275

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 275 - Chapt 35 Geometrical...

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Chapt. 35 Geometrical Optics 271 b) Now say that you tip your corner reflector so that the corner is at the bottom and the reflector is symmetrical about a vertical axis. You fill the reflector with water assuming there is some end panes to hold the water in. In this case what is the two-dimensional deflection angle for a beam coming in from infinity, reflected twice, and deflected out to infinity? HINT: Reduce the problem to that of part (a) and make use of the law of refraction. 035 qfull 10300 3 5 0 tough thinking: the rainbow, focusing Extra keywords: stationary points 4. You have a spherical drop of water and draw a horizontal axis through its center. A beam of light travels to the right and is parallel to the axis. It strikes the drop at an angle θ relative to the normal to the drop. Inside the drop the beam is deflected at an angle θ refr relative to the normal using the usual incident/refracted beam conventions. Draw a big, clear diagram. a) Using geometry (e.g., the isosceles triangle theorem), and the laws of reflection and refraction find an expression in terms of
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