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Physics 1 Problem - 274 Chapt 36 Interference b c d e d cos = n d2 sin = n d sin = n sin = n Full-Answer Problems 036 qfull 00100 1 3 0 easy math

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274 Chapt. 36 Interference b) d cos θ = . c) d 2 sin θ = . d) d sin θ = . e) sin θ = n . Full-Answer Problems 036 qfull 00100 1 3 0 easy math: sodium line, index of refraction Extra keywords: (HRW-884:1E) 1. The wavelength of the yellow sodium D lines in air is approximately 0 . 589 μ m. Note the index of refraction of air at 0 C and 1 atm is 1.000293 (HZ-38). a) What is the frequency of this light? b) What is wavelength in glass with index of refraction n = 1 . 52? c) What is the speed of light in this glass? 036 qfull 00200 1 5 0 easy thinking: waves on beach Extra keywords: (HRW-884:5P) 2. Consider ocean waves moving at 4 . 0 m / s incident on a beach at angle of 40 to the normal to the beach. (Here the angle refers to the direction that waves are moving in, not to the angle set by the line of their crests.) Suddenly they cross into a shallower region where the wave speed is only 3 . 0 m / s. NOTE: I derived this problem from HRW. I assume they know what they are
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