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276 Chapt. 36 Interference The two-slit device, mirror, and screen are all perpendicular to the optical axis established by the beam. a) Draw a diagram of the setup. Include the location of the virtual image of the screen pattern in the region behind the mirror. b) What simple mirror symmetry trick allows you to analyze the interference pattern easily: i.e., what trick reduces the problem to an already solved problem? c) If the bright fringe maxima on the screen are all separated by about 10 . 0 cm, what is the slit separation determined using the (1st order) small angle approximation? Justify using the small angle approximation both a priori and a posteriori. 036 qfull 00600 2 5 0 moderate thinking: slightly disaligned slits 5. For simple developments we usually think of the two-slit device as exactly perpendicular to the optical axis (de±ned by the incoming beam direction). But in point of fact in any undergraduate experiment such exact aligned probably can’t be obtained. There will always
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