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Unformatted text preview: 280 Chapt. 37 Diffraction 037 qfull 00100 1 3 0 easy math: sound diffraction, concert A Extra keywords: (HRW-913:6p) 2. As far as patterns go (but not speed, intensity, reflection, transmission) a lot of wave phenomena behave quite alike—they’d scarcely all be called wave phenomena if they didn’t. a) The speed of sound in air at 20 ◦ and 1 atm is 343 m/s (HRW-400). The frequency range of human hearing is approximately 30-30 , 000 Hz (a large dynamic range: CAC-66). What is the range of human hearing in wavelength? b) What is the wavelength corresponding to concert A ( f = 440 Hz: CAC-67)? c) Say someone (who shall be nameless here) is clarinetting—any word can be verbed— at concert A with amplification in one chamber and the sound waves produced are plane waves that intercept head-on a tall (very tall) door that is 4 m wide beyond which is another chamber (with echo-proof walls) that stretches ℓ = 100 m straight away from the door to a wall at which a solitary (and lonely) listener is seated right at the 2nd order diffraction...
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