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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 289

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 289 - Chapt 38 Special...

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Chapt. 38 Special Relativity 285 Extra keywords: physci 20. Einstein’s equation E = mc 2 : a) applies only to rest mass. b) applies only to electromagnetic radiation. c) applies only to nuclear reactions. d) is only valid in non-inertial frames. e) is general. All forms of energy have inertial mass and a gravitational effect. Rest mass is itself a special form of energy like electromagnetic field, thermal, or kinetic energies. 038 qmult 01220 1 3 1 easy math: E=mc**2 applied to electron Extra keywords: physci KB-93-33 21. The mass of an electron is 9 . 1 × 10 31 kg. The energy equivalent of this mass is approximately: 038 qmult 01230 1 3 3 easy math: E=mc**2 applied to dynamite Extra keywords: physci KB-96-31 22. About 5 . 4 × 10 6 J of chemical energy is released as explosion energy when 1 kg of dynamite explodes. What fraction of the total rest mass energy of the dynamite is this?
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