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296 Chapt. 40 More About Matter Waves c) What stimulated radiative emission, Alex? d) What the laser force, Alex? e) What the laser potential, Alex? 040 qmult 00600 1 1 5 easy memory: continuum of unbound states 6. At energies higher than the bound stationary states there: a) are between one and several tens of unbound states. b) are only two unbound states. c) is a single unbound state. d) are no states. e) is a continuum of unbound states. 040 qmult 00700 1 4 2 easy deducto-memory: tunneling 7. “Let’s play Jeopardy ! For $100, the answer is: This e±ect occurs because wave functions can extend (in an exponentially decreasing way albeit) into the classically forbidden region: i.e., the region where a classical particle would have negative kinetic energy.” a) What is stimulated radiative emission, Alex? b) What is quantum mechanical tunneling, Alex? c) What is quantization, Alex? d) What is symmetrization, Alex?
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