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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 301

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 301 - Chapt 40 More About...

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Chapt. 40 More About Matter Waves 297 The atomists tried to work out an atomic understanding of existence in general. For instance they constructed a cosmology using atoms that bears some resemblance to modern eternal in±ationary cosmology in which there are in²nitely many universes that are born out of primordial space-time foam and perhaps return to that—foam to foam. Unfortunately, the atomists got o³ on the wrong foot on the shape of the Earth: they were still ±at Earthers when the round Earth theory was being established. Quite obviously to us, the atomists were badly non-experimental. Much of their thinking can be called rational myth. To a degree they were lucky in happening to be attracted to an essentially right idea. The atomists were eventually stigmatized as atheists: they did not deny that gods exist, but didn’t leave anything for the gods to do. This may have been their downfall. The more orthodox and popular philosophies of Plato, Aristotle, and the Stoics rejected atomism probably, among
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