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Physics 1 Problem Solutions 303

Physics 1 Problem Solutions 303 - Chapt 40 More About...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapt. 40 More About Matter Waves 299 b) Can the real exponent exponential solutions be the solutions for a complete wave function? Why or why not? c) Of what use are the real exponent exponential solutions. 040 qfull 00200 3 5 0 tough thinking: box quantization Extra keywords: Needs to be finished: I need to understand 2. The statistical mechanics treatment of gases (and quasi-gases: i.e., things that arn’t really gases, but are amenable to analogous formalism) often begins with finding the stationary states of a rectangular box with zero potential (or constant potential) inside it and periodic boundary conditions. This box quantization gives good results even when nothing like a box is around to contain the gas. The simple reason is that for a large box, interior behavior must be mostly unaffected by what is outside the box even if its just more gas: so you can always imagine a big box (of constant interior potential) drawn in some much bigger region of gas (that may not have constant potential behavior). The use of periodic boundary conditions is similarly motivated.constant potential behavior)....
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