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Unformatted text preview: SBE #3 Data Flow Diagrams A. Draw a Context Diagram and a Level 0 DFD for the mini-case described below (Projects Inc.) Projects, Inc is an engineering firm with approximately 500 engineers of different types. The company keeps records on all employees, their skills, projects assigned, and departments worked in. New employees are hired by the personnel manager based on data in an application form and evaluations collected from other managers who interview the job candidates. Prospective empoyees may apply at any time. Engineering managers notify the personnel manager when a job opens and list the characteristics necessary to be eligible for the job. The personnel manager compares the qualifications of the available pool of applicants with the characteristics of an open job, then schedules interviews between the manager in charge of the open position and the three best candidates from the pool. After receiving evaluations on each interviw from the manager, the personnel manager makes the hiring...
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