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SBE #2 Data Flow Diagram -- The Finicky Video Store Draw a Context Diagram and a Level 0 DFD for the mini-case described below: At the Finicky Video Store, each customer makes a video rental transaction in the following manner. The customer finds a video they like in the store racks and brings it to checkout. If the customer can’t find the video they want, they ask the clerk to check for the video’s availability in the store. The clerk checks the automated inventory, and then
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Unformatted text preview: the clerk goes and finds the video for the customer. The clerk checks in the automated files for the validity of the customer in terms of membership and finds out whether their address or phone number have changed. If it is a new customer, the clerk creates a customer record. Changes are also recorded. After customer validation, the clerk completes the rental transaction and it is automatically recorded in the transaction file. The clerk gives the customer a receipt....
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