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Ternary_relationship_exercise-Key - might record the notion...

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A. Draw an E-R model for the following: Vendors can supply various parts to warehouses. The vendors do not have to supply the parts, and the parts do not have to be associated with one particular warehouse. Each warehouse may be supplied many parts by many vendors. Initial ER Diagram (ternary): B. Draw an E-R model to incorporate the following information: In addition to whatever attributes are on the entities of the above, the relationship from the above has two attributes: Shipping_Mode and Unit_Cost. For example, one instance of the relationship
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Unformatted text preview: might record the notion that vendor X can ship part Y to warehouse Z, that the shipping mode is next-day UPS, and that the cost is $20 per unit. Expanded/Final ER Diagram: Supplies Warehouse Parts Vendor Supply Supply No. V en do r N o. W hs e. N o. P art No . Shpg Mode Unit cost Warehouse Whse. No. Whse. Name Parts Part No. Part Descrip. Vendor Vendor No. Vendor Name Constitute Is stored by Sends...
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