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Spartan Burger (SP) Reordering System If an item is perishable, such as meat, vegetables, or bread, SP has a standing daily order for a pre-specified amount to be delivered each weekday and a different pre-specified amount to be delivered each Saturday for weekend use. If the item is not perishable (e.g., cups, straws) an order is placed when the stock on hand reaches a certain pre-determined minimum reorder quantity. Seasonality also affects ordering. Summer months are not as
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Unformatted text preview: busy, and neither are holiday breaks—Spring break and Christmas break. So SP creates specific reductions to the standing daily orders during the summer and during Holiday breaks. Assume the summer and Holiday breaks have different reductions. Draw this diagram and then analyze it for indifferent conditions and reduce it. (For Solution, see VGH Text, pages 188-189)...
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