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Decision Table #14 Action: Build a decision table from the following scenario. Then identify points of override or indifference and collapse it. Show both the initial matrix and the reduced matrix. Mary is trying to decide the graduate programs to which she will apply. She wants to stay in the southeast region of the United States, but if a program is considered one of the top 10 in the country she is willing to move to another part of the nation. Additionally, any program she applies to must offer financial aid. Mary is interested in both the MBA and Master of MIS programs. She will apply to MIS programs (if it meets her
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Unformatted text preview: other conditions), but if it is an MBA program, it must have at least one well-known faculty member and meet her other requirements before she will consider applying to it. [Simplifying assumption: Assume one condition (with Y/N values) is that the program is either an MIS program or an MBA with a well-known faculty member. Y means it is such. N means it is not. In other words, simplify by not making these two separate conditions.]...
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