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DECISION TABLE EXERCISE “HOW MUCH WOOD WOULD A WOODCHUCK CHUCK?” Draw a decision table for the following situation. In one five day work week, you need 50 cords of wood chucked. You wish to hire only one Woodchuck. Some Woodchucks can chuck wood, and others can’t. For those that can, speeds vary. You also want a woodchuck who won’t infect you. But you are willing to risk this for the Woodchuck who can chuck twice as fast as the Medium speed shown below.
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Unformatted text preview: Woodchucks can chuck wood cords as follows: Speedy Fast Medium Slow 20/day 15/day 10/day 5/day You decide to interview woodchucks. You probe their talent using two questions: First, are you speedy, fast, medium, or slow at chucking wood? Second, do you have a currently-effective rabies shot? From these questions, you can decide whom to hire. Show conditions, rules, and actions. Simplify table, if needed....
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