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Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Service Spring Breaks ‘R’ Us Travel Service (SBRU) books spring break trips at resorts for college students. During the fall, resorts submit availability information to SBRU indicating rooms, room capacity, and room rates for each week of the spring break season. This involves SBRU receiving and checking resort availability request details (written, faxed, or emailed), setting them up in the reservation file, and sending a confirmation back to the resort. Each resort has cutoff dates by which they want booking information back from SBRU. In December, SBRU generates a list of resorts, available weeks, and room rates that is distributed to college campus representatives all over the country. The SBRU representatives promote the
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Unformatted text preview: resorts to students. When a student or group of students submits a reservation request for a week at a particular resort, SBRU assigns the students to a room with sufficient capacity and sends each student a confirmation notice. When the cutoff date for a week arrives, SBRU queries its reservation files and sends each resort a list of students booked in each room for the following week. When the students arrive at the resort, they pay the resort directly for the room. Resorts send commission checks directly to the SBRU accounting system, which is separate from the booking system. After spring break, students return to school and hit the books. To Do: Create a Context Diagram and a Level 0 diagram for SBRUs booking system....
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