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DFD EXERCISE 1: The Case of the Parking Ticket From about 300 yards away, you can see it happening: the parking ticketer is ticketing your car. Augh! First, she takes down your license number and inputs it (along with the violation you committed) into the hand held ticketing computer. The system then brings up onscreen information about you, such as past violation data. As you walk closer, the ticket giver quickly prints the ticket (with data like your name and
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Unformatted text preview: the amount to pay) on the onboard printer and places it on the windshield in an envelope. You know that you will now be required to pay for it and enclose the paperwork on your windshield. Auuuggghh! TO DO: 1. For the situation above, create a Context Diagram. Build it from the point of view of the ticketing outfit. 2. Now decompose the Context Diagram into a Level 0 DFD with three processes and a data store....
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