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Remedies_for_Common_DFD_Mistakes - 9 Be sure to display 2...

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Remedies for Common DFD Mistakes 1. Point of view of process should be from within the system, not customer/outside. 2. Avoid vague or too-encompassing nodes (at level 0) 3. All process boxes labeled with verb-direct object except context level node 4. In using verb-direct object, put the verb first 5. Put like / related things together in a node (otherwise make them two nodes) 6. For level 0, use 3-5 (or on occasion, 6) processes, so you can further decompose each 7. Number all nodes; number context level “0.” Number level 0 “1, 2, 3…” 8. Make sure each level 0 node can be/is further decomposed
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Be sure to display 2+ children nodes for each parent node. 10. Don’t use exact same term for a process at two levels (e.g., levels 0, 1) 11. Be sure there is no horizontal duplication of processes 12. Don’t use technical terms for a process. 13. Don’t use communication-only processes—state business purpose of the process 14. Follow the DFD Chapter rules (no miracles, black holes, etc.) 15. Make sure children node are same kind/type as parent node (Levels 1, 2…) 16. Make sure children nodes are sequential 17. Make sure children nodes are more minute steps of a parent node...
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