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Data Flow Diagrams—Some Key Terms Definitions Term Definition Functional Hierarchy Diagram (Activity Hierarchy) A picture of the various tasks performed in a business and how they are related to each other. The tasks are broken down into their various parts, and all the parts are shown in the same representation. Data Flow Diagram A graphic that illustrates the movement of data between external entities and the processes and data stores within a system. Context Diagram A data flow diagram of the scope of an organizational system that shows the system boundaries, external entities that interact with the system, and the major information flows between the entities and the system. Level 0 Diagram A data flow diagram that represents a system’s major processes, data flows, and data stores at a high level of detail. Level 1 Diagram A data flow diagram (DFD) that is the result of decomposing the processes in a Level 0 Diagram. (i.e., one level more detailed than Lvl 0) Level N Diagram A DFD that is the result of N-nested decompositions of a series
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