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Get an overview of the Scrum agile project approach Date : March 10th, 2010 Author : Rick Freedman Scrum is a structured agile methodology that is gaining a lot of traction. Rick Freedman discusses Scrum’s fundamental concepts and key roles. ———————————————————————————————– In previous columns, I discussed various concepts regarding the application of agile project management methodologies, from estimating to the discovery of requirements . I’ve mentioned some of the variants of agile methods, such as Extreme Programming and Adaptive development, but I have yet to explore the specifics of any of the agile approaches. So let’s take a more focused look at the agile variant that is gaining a lot of traction: Scrum. Fundamentals of Scrum Scrum is an example of a structured agile methodology which, by applying a few simple “rules of the road,” enables teams and their clients to develop complex, innovative products by entrusting them to use their talents and intelligence to devise their own direction. Like all of the agile approaches to software development and project management, Scrum builds on a few fundamental concepts. The concepts are: In experimental or exploratory projects, predictive methods are less likely to be effective than incremental, iterative approaches that present the client with progressive deliverables and then make adjustments and course corrections as the work proceeds. Teams of self-motivated, skilled practitioners are more likely to succeed and to feel rewarded and productive in self-directed teams in which individuals take ownership of specific deliverables and then devise their own methods of achieving them. Constant and close collaboration with the client and sponsors of a development effort is
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Scrum_agile_project_approach-Overview - Get an overview of...

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