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S carrier may have lost as american much as us50

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Unformatted text preview: er, may have lost as American much as US$50 million in second-quarter ticket revenues because of a US$50 computer software problem in its passenger-reservation system. computer The problem, which has been corrected, was discovered when a review of secondquarter performance revealed lower-than-expected load factors. quarter The airline said its Sabre reservation system indicated that aircraft had sold out of discount fares when such seats were still available. discount Certain classes of discount fares were prematurely closed and passengers requesting Certain those fares referred to other airlines. ''We gave that business away,'' an airline official said. said. Testing--Purpose Testing--Purpose To – – Break It! Now, not later In as many ways as possible Best testers: Users, Spets, Help Desk Best tests: – – – Contextual: In user’s environment, by user Broad: hardware, software, telecom Abnormal, creative uses (by Help Desk folks) Testing--Process Testing--Process 1. Plan Test 4. Document Test Analysis 2. Code 3. Run Test Phase: Test Plan, Buy Hardware Design Phase: Detailed Test Plan Coding: Inspection, Syntax checking, Desk Checking, Walkthrough, Unit/Integration/ System Tests Testing Phase: Acceptance Testing Testing--Types Manual Static Automated Code Inspection • Syntax Checking Syntax • Walkthroughs Walkthroughs • Desk Checking Desk • Unit Testing Unit • Integration Testing Testing • System Testing System • Stub testing • User Acceptance Tests (α , β ) Tests (no code execute) Dynamic (code executes) System Installation Strategies System Direct Parallel Single location Phased System Installation Strategies System Direct—abrupt, cold turkey Parallel—safe: old and new co-exist Single location—pilot approach by branch Phased—gradual by module Installation St...
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