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And cons installation direct pros low costif it works

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Unformatted text preview: rategies: Pros and Cons Installation Direct – Pros Low cost…if it works! High interest in having no problems – Cons Installation problems directly impact users Takes too long to restore old system Time-consuming to get it just right; Hence, system Time-consuming benefits delayed benefits Installation Strategies: Pros and Cons Installation Parallel – Pros New systems can be checked against old ones No impact of errors, since old system still runs – Cons Not all aspects can be compared to old Very expensive—runs two systems May be confusing to users May not be feasible due to costs or system size Installation Strategies: Pros and Cons Installation Single – Location Pros Learning occurs as problems fixed at each new site Limits harm and costs from system failure to pilot Can use early success to convince others to convert – Cons Burden on IS staff to maintain old and new systems Need code to bridge between systems if data shared Some parts of firm get benefits before others do Installation Strategies: Pros and Cons Installation Phased – Pros Allows system development or testing to be phased Limits potential risk/harm/costs from system failure Some benefits can be achieved early Each phase small and more manageable – Cons Old Old and new systems must be able to work together to share data—need bridging code to Conversion is continual over a long timeframe, Conversion which could confuse and frustrate users...
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