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G batch processing use of a particular system

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Unformatted text preview: oncepts (e.g., batch processing) Use of a particular system Training – – – training topics types (modes) Classroom (on-site or at vendor site) Build into system (tutorials, cue cards) Electronic Performance Support Systems System Support – – – – – Paper (e.g., manuals) Help Desk Vendor Support (often costly today) Web help (often free: online support forums) Backup systems System Maintenance --Types Corrective Maintenance—repairing defects Adaptive Maintenance—changes to evolve its functionality to meet business needs Perfective Maintenance—performance or usability tuning Preventive—changes to reduce future failures Contrasting Maintenance Types Type Urgency Initial Initial Activity Activity ValueAdding Corrective Very High Pervasive Little Adaptive Depends Little Much Perfective Low Some Cost Cost savings savings Preventive Low None Little Maintenance Cost Pressures Mtce: the submerged part of the iceberg (often 60-80% of SA&D costs) System maintainability cost factors: – – – – – – Latent defects of the system Number of customers using system Quality of system documentation Maintenance personnel quality Tools to document system/generate adaptive Tools code code Design quality Measuring Mtce Effectiveness Mean – – Time Between Failures (MTBF) Average time between system failures Should rise rapidly over time post-installation Tracking – – of the types of failures Track by user initiating failure Track by type of malfunction Configuration Management The process of assuring only authorized changes are made to a system Baseline modules are those tested, approved System librarian makes sure baseline system modules are protected during maintenance Revised code must pass rigorous tests to be implemented ESSENTIAL 2 Know Key terms – Four types of system maintenance – System installation strategies (+/-) – Various types of system testing – Four types of documentation –...
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