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Which bottom lineinstallation strategy bottom weigh

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Unformatted text preview: . which Bottom Line—Installation Strategy Bottom Weigh Try Try the risks and costs carefully to combine approaches where the risks and costs make this useful risks Why Document the System? Why: Why: – – – – Ease of Use (for user) Speed of Fix-it Maintenance (for maintainer) Efficiency of Enhancements Efficiency To stay out of trouble w/auditors It’s It’s not that expensive if you use CASE tools tools Documenting the System Documenting 1. System documentation (and its two subsets:) 2. Internal documentation 3. External documentation 4. User documentation Audience System System Maintainer Maintainer System User Documenting the System Documenting System Documentation (general) – Internal (system) Documentation – Information about system design specs, internal Information workings and system functionality workings Documentation that is part of the program source code Documentation or generated at compile time or External (system) Documentation – Documentation from structured diagramming Documentation Written/visual information about how application works and how to use it Documenting the System: Examples Examples Documentation Documentation Type Type Internal External User Example(s) Code itself, Comment Code statements statements DFD and ER diagrams, test DFD specs, test reports specs, User guide, reference guide, User release description, Help release Training Users Potential – – – General computing concepts Systems c...
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