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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 6: Structuring System Requirements: Process Modeling D. Harrison McKnight D. Eli Broad College of Business Business ESSENTIAL 2 Know ESSENTIAL – Key terms: DFD Completeness DFD Consistency Structured English Correctly draw Context Diagram – Correctly draw Level 0 Data Flow Correctly Diagram (DFD) Diagram – Identify DFD violations – Rationale for Chapter 6 Rationale To build a system, one must first model the system In actual practice, the data flow diagram is still the In most robust manner of representing both the data and the processes involved and DFDs provide a key, contextualized way to model DFDs the system in terms of its – – – business processes, business outside environment, and outside the interaction between the processes and the data This chapter teaches analytical skills useful forever Overview of Chapter 6 Overview Building Data Flow Diagrams (Process Modeling) – – – – DFD Diagramming Mechanics DFD Rules Decomposing DFDs DFD Completeness and Consistency Building Decision Tables (Logic Modeling) Views of a System Data Network Process People What business processes take...
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