Dfd rules processes have at least 1 inflow and 1

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Unformatted text preview: t least 1 inflow and 1 outflow Processes have to transform data Data flows must start or end with a process Violation: Violation: Violation: DFD Rules Data flows must start or end with a process Data Data flows are uni-directional Data flows are not recursive 2 Violations: X A DFD Rules Data flows are uni-directional Data Data flows can only fork when all prongs are the same data flow prongs Violation: A B a different kind of miracle? DFD Grammar Conventions Process Process labels: Active Verb + Direct Object Object Data stores refer to entity types on data Data model model – Label: Noun phrase from data model Data Data flows refer to an attribute or set of attributes from data model attributes – Label: Noun phrase Source/sink label: noun phrase Links Between Models Links Activity – Processes correspond to processes at a Processes given level given DFDs – – and Data Model Data stores correspond to entity types Data flows correspond to collection of Data attributes attributes Activity – Hierarchy & DFDs Hierarchy & Data Model Processes affect entities and attributes Use of DFDs in Business Process Reengineering Business IBM Credit Corporation 6 business days to finance item DFD allows you to see the process DFD details, analyze the weaknesses details, Use of DFDs in Bus. Proc. Reeng. Use [Fig. 5-12] Use of DFDs in Bus. Proc. Reeng. Use [Fig 5-13] Recap Recap Learned about 2 basic process modeling methods Learned Symbols, Rules of Data Flow Diagramming Learned basic differences— – Context Diagram and Level 0 Diagram Learned how DFDs are used in Business Process Learned Reengineering Reengineering ESSENTIAL 2 Know ESSENTIAL – Key terms: DFD Completeness DFD Consistency Structured English Correctly drawing Context Diagram – Correctly drawing Level 0 DFD – Identifying DFD violations –...
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