Whatactivities areperformed process versus data view

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Unformatted text preview: place? What activities are performed? Process Versus Data View of a System Process Process View Receive Account # Account # Data View Customer Validate Account # Validated Account # Cust # Acct # Account SDLC Phase: Business Situation Business Situation 1 Enterprise Function Model 2 Business Area Process Model 3 Conceptual Process Model 4 5 Physical Process Model 6 Implemented Programs Process Models in Analysis Activity – Decomposition Diagram Data – – Hierarchy Flow Diagrams Context Diagram Level X DFD Activity Hierarchy Fundamentals Activities – – Functions/root processes/business units Processes (low level, specific) Decomposition – – – Root function into functions Functions into processes Processes into elementary processes Tree (Hierarchical) Structure Parent, Child, & Sibling Activities Activity Hierarchy Example Activity 0 Handle Prescriptions Activity Hierarchy Example Activity 0 Handle Prescriptions 1.0 Evaluate Prescriptions 2.0 Fill Prescriptions 3.0 Label Prescriptions Activity Hierarchy Example Activity 0 Handle Prescripti...
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