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Information Technology Specialization Program Michigan State University Fall Semester, 2011 Monday and Wednesday, 12:40 p.m., Room 103—North Business Complex Instructor: Professor’s Office: North Business Complex (BCC), Room N253 Phone/Voice mail: 517-432-2929 WWW: (see Angel ITM 311 site) E-Mail: [email protected] or [email protected] (please use these addresses, not Angel) Office Hours: M-W, 2:15-3:15; also by appointment (or just drop by—N253 BCC) Course Competencies for Future Systems Analysts: The Course and Its Objectives One day soon, you will each be an employee or manager in some organization. Whether or not you become an Information Technology professional, technology and systems will become an even greater part of your everyday life. In one way or another, you will be involved in systems and systems implementation, because business is becoming more and more dependent on computing systems. ITM311 is designed to help you learn the Management Information Systems (MIS) perspective on systems development. You will learn to analyze and understand system design and operation in new ways. You will learn certain techniques and methodologies used by systems analysts to develop information systems in real organizations. You will learn hands-on skills to specify and design a prospective information system. This will provide you a solid marketplace advantage over those who know less about systems. One way or another, you will be deeply involved with systems. The result of taking ITM311 is that you will be able to communicate with others about systems and maximize systems-related output and performance, no matter what your future role. Whether you become the system designer, coder/tester, implementer, operator, manager, or user, this course will help you understand how systems are created and maintained in today’s organizations. In this course: 1 Plan and Manage System Projects Analyze System Needs Design and Implement Systems Systems Professionals use these skills every day to: Assess project feasibility Plan the project Manage project to successful completion Specify requirements Model the business processes Model the data Select the best design strategy Design the interface Design the database Test and install the system Operate the system
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Plan and Manage Systems Projects 0. You will be able to describe the system development life cycle and several system development approaches. 2. You will learn, on paper and in Microsoft Project, how to represent a project as a PERT + Gantt chart. 3. You will learn methods to create detailed, effective systems specifications for a real-world system. Analyze System Needs
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311-Fa2011b - ITM 311 System Analysis Design Information...

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