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[Name] MGT 409-005 [Company Name] case analysis Background/Problem statement (5 points) Include one (1) paragraph with essential case facts. End this section by clearly stating the strategic issue that you plan to address. This sentence should begin with, “ The strategic issue in this case is … ”. Be specific in the strategic issue that you identify. The issue should not be “how to sustain a competitive advantage” as this is the case for all companies. Draw on the specific company and industry to identify a critical strategic issue. Write the strategic issue in your own words. Do not copy text from the case. State just one future-focused issue (i.e. don’t point to an historical issue that the company faced). Use strategic tools to conduct an analysis. This can include a five forces analysis, a value chain analysis, contingency frameworks, and any applicable financial analyses ( See Chapter 13, Appendix 1 ). Your financial analysis may be inserted as tables at the end of this document, but the document may not exceed the page limit described below. Include relevant course material to support your analysis in this section. If you conduct a Porter’s Five Forces analysis:
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MGT_409_Written_case_requirements_with_a - [Name] MGT...

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