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MGT_409_-_Final_team_case_presentation_a - MGT 409 Final...

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MGT 409: Final Presentation & Paper Grading Rubric Team: Company: Names: Date: Presentation Criteria _____ / 20 Eye contact, professional presence, effective use of volume, transitions, introductions. Compelling use of multi-media Presentation has good flow, cadence Level to which audience is engaged in presentation Level to which all team members participate Analysis Criteria Format _____ / 10 Follows written case analysis framework from Angel Effectively uses strategic concepts from course material Strategic analysis (arguments & support) _____ / 20 Uses strategic analysis techniques from course (e.g., Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain) Strategic arguments are fleshed out with examples Each section is complete, makes strong and unique points, and is well-supported Creativity _____ / 10 Great creativity (“out of the box” thinking) Creative strategic alternatives to address the issues Recommendations & Action Plan _____ / 20 Clear linkages between analysis, issue, recommendations
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