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SUGGESTED_PROBLEMS_FOR_CHAPTER_8 - preparation for the exam...

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SUGGESTED PROBLEMS FROM THE TEXT FOR CHAPTER 8 As stated in class, we will not start from raw data on exams. This means you will be given “summary statistics” such as means and standard deviations rather than having to calculate them. Thus, while many of the problems in the book start from raw data (e.g., 8-1), it is not what you will see on an exam. Nevertheless, you are free to do those problems if you want. Also, remember that the answers to the odd numbered problems are given in the back of the book, so do as many of those as you want and if you do not get the correct answer, see one of the ta’s for assistance. What follows is a list of even number problems from Chapter 8 that are recommended as
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Unformatted text preview: preparation for the exam. Some of these will be gone over in class, and the solution to some of them will be posted in this folder after we have covered the material in class. Again, if you have questions about a specific problem, see any of the ta’s or Professor Page during office hours. The ta’s office hours are posted on the course webpage. Problem Number 8.2 paired t-test 8.4 8.10 two means – independent samples 8.12 8.16 8.18 8.20 (do not worry about the confidence interval part) 8.24 8.26 8.30 two proportions 8.32 8.34 8.36 (do not worry about the p-value part) 8.38 8.40 F-test 8.46 8.48 End of Chapter so they are mixed up 8.52 8.54 8.60 8.68 8.72 8.76...
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SUGGESTED_PROBLEMS_FOR_CHAPTER_8 - preparation for the exam...

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