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Unformatted text preview: ?* Irl {,,t) : CAROL HODNE We Whose Future Has Been Stolen r AM Nor Now A FARMER. I am one of the many children of the farnt who always thought that somehow we would be able to carry on thc tradition of family farming. I am no longer certain that I will be able tcr see that dream fulfilled. My future on the land has been stolen, I believe, by deliberate government policies designed to keep people like myself ofl' the land. As a consequence, one of my most deeply held wishes-to return to the land-may never come true. I represent our family's fourth generation of farmers, farmers who came from Scandinavia and Germany. Decades ago, my ancestors left their farms in Europe because they were poor and starving. They sought a new land here. Ironically, after four generations of family farming in the United States, my generation is seeing the end of family-type agricul- ture in this country. My neighbors are being starved out by conscious government policies of the last thirty years. My home town of Irwin, Iowa, is drying up as businesses are closing and people are leaving. The only visible growth is the number of elderly residents and number of huge grain elevators where "they pump the blood out of our commu- nity," as my mother explained two harvests ago. Family Farmers Are the Best Stewards of the Soil Based on my experiences on our western Iowa farm, I feel that perhaps our greatest moral obligation to save family farms stems from the moral imperative of preserving our soil and water resources. Our farm is one of the few diversified cattle operations left in our part of the state. Extensive terracing, crop rotation, and other conservation prac- tices have been part of our family for decades. we have loved and cared CAROI. HODNE is executive director of the North American Farm Alliance. 54 lor tlrt. llrrrrl irsrrrrrcltitswe ltitvclovcdandcarCdfOranyfamilymember. llrt. llyrtls 11tl [c1rls ol'nry l'amily have been devoted to this land; we \\.1rt t() plrss it alclng to the hands and hearts of future farmers in better ,.rrriiliorr lhan it was in when we received it. I lcrrr lirr our land now and the land of farmers around the globe as rlrr' t'r'cr'clcepcning farm crisis surrounds us and them with deepening ,l, lrrs, Icwcr neighbors to care for the land, and the greed of insurance ,,,11111;111ig5, land management companies, and wealthy individuals' llrcrc groups and individuals see in today's devalued farmland a new .( )r rr r'c ()l short-term profits, not a heritage and gift to be passed along to r.rlor l ()w's children....
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Hodne_-_We_Whose_Future_Has_Been_Stolen - ?* Irl {,,t) :...

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