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IAH 206 Quiz 8 1. According to de Waal, morality is difficult to reconcile with: a. The age of universe b. New technology c. Natural selection d. Human nature 2. Which of the following was an example used by de Waal to illustrate attempts at explaining altruism? a. Reciprocal altruism b. Normative egoism c. Moral neutrality d. None of the above 3. According to Peter Singer, the basis for animal rights is: a. Animals’ capacity to think rationally b. Animals’ capacity to suffer c. Animals’ capacity to engage in moral reasoning d. Animals’ capacity to serve our needs
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Unformatted text preview: 4. According to Regan, in order to truly promote animal rights we have to: a. Allow animals more room to grow and live on farms. b. Promote new government policies that limit the number of animals one can kill per hunting season. c. Support humane commercial hunting. d. Totally dissolve commercial hunting and commercial agriculture. 5. According to de Waal, in which of the following species do we see activity that is akin to our own sense of morality? a. Whales b. Dolphins c. Apes d. All of the above....
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