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IAH 206 Quiz 5 1. According to Johnson, we have a moral obligation to save/preserve: a. Family Farms b. Factory Farms c. Supermarkets d. Farmer’s Markets 2. Hodne claims that, for many, a future in farming has been stolen by: a. Advertising firms b. Undereducated generations c. Monsanto d. Government policies 3. According to Martin, an increasing number of farmers need:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Larger tractors b. iPads c. Second jobs d. Fewer livestock 4. Ought implies: a. Nothing b. Can c. Should d. A logical contradiction 5. According to Whyte, if you are affected by the way food is produced you are: a. A stakeholder b. A farmer c. In need of a new place to live d. A farm animal...
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