Phylogenetic Jargon

Phylogenetic Jargon - Phylogenetic Jargon apomorphy: A...

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Phylogenetic Jargon apomorphy: A derived character of a group of organisms, not shared with ancestors of a group of organisms. Apomorphies are unique to the group, and are therefore group-defining. bootstrap: A technical statistical procedure for estimating the variability of a measurement. In phylogenetics, bootstrapping involves the production of a new, pseudo-dataset by randomly pulling data points from the original dataset. For each pseudo-dataset, a new phylogeny is inferred. Rounds of this provide an estimation of the well- and poorly-supported regions of the original phylogeny. character: An observable feature of an organism useful for distinguishing it from another. For example, a nucleotide in a DNA sequence, an amino acid in a protein sequence, or morphological characters like hair, feathers, or the presence or absence of certain bones. cladistics: A class of phylogenetic techniques that construct trees ( cladograms ) by grouping taxa into nested hierarchies according to shared derived characters ( synapomorphies ). Cladistics is closely associated with the
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Phylogenetic Jargon - Phylogenetic Jargon apomorphy: A...

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