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Punctuated Equilibri2 - Punctuated Equilibria Application...

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Punctuated Equilibria Application of neontology to paleontology Now we are ready to apply these concepts from the biology of extant organisms to that of fossil organisms. This proceeds on the simple inference that past life went about its business in much the same way as present life does. Some of the predictions of Punctuated Equilibria are as follows: A. Punctuated Equilibria postulates that speciation events comprise most of the evolutionary change seen in adaptation. This is a consequence of the inhibitory effects of gene flow, genetic homeostasis, and large population sizes (6 above ). The adaptations of newly speciated daughter populations are forever excluded from the ancestral population because of reproductive isolation (2 above ). B. PE explains the abrupt appearance of new species in the fossil record. The splitting of lineages (1 above ) in the mode of allopatric speciation (2 above ) followed by ecological dispersal and succession (5 above ) would result in geologically abrupt appearance of the
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Punctuated Equilibri2 - Punctuated Equilibria Application...

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