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Punctuated Equilibria here are few components of modern evolutionary theory which seem so prone to misinterpretation as Niles Eldredge and Stephen Jay Gould's theory of punctuated equilibria (PE for short). In this matter, the person attempting to come to a better understanding of punctuated equilibria will find that he or she may be hampered by the popular writings of those same authors rather than helped. As in most cases, the primary literature remains the best source of information. 1. Summary of Punctuated Equilibria The essential features that make up Punctuated Equilibria are as follows: 1. Paleontology should be informed by neontology. 2. Most speciation is cladogenesis rather than anagenesis. 3. Most speciation occurs via peripatric speciation. 4. Large, widespread species usually change slowly, if at all, during their time of residence. 5. Daughter species usually develop in a geographically limited region.
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