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Punctuated Equilibria Common errors in discussion of PE point out several of these. PE is not mutually exclusive of phyletic gradualism. Gould and Eldredge take pains to explicitly point out that PE is an expansive theory, not an exclusive one (1977 ). PE sometimes is claimed to be a theory resting upon the lack of evidence rather than upon evidence. This is a curious, but false claim, since Eldredge and Gould spent a significant portion of their original work examining two separate lines of evidence (one involving pulmonate gastropods, the other one involving Phacopsid trilobites ) demonstrating the issues behind PE (1972 ). Similarly, discussion of actual paleontological evidence consumes a significant proportion of pages in Gould and Eldredge 1977 . This also answers those who claimed that E&G said that PE was unverifiable. PE is essentially and exclusively directed to questions at the level of speciation and processes
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