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Scientific Standing of Evolution and its Critics

Scientific Standing of Evolution and its Critics -...

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Scientific Standing of Evolution and its Critics The theory of evolution and common descent were once controversial in scientific circles. This is no longer the case. Debates continue about how various aspects of evolution work. For example, all the details of patterns of relationships are not fully worked out. However, evolution and common descent are considered fact by the scientific community. Scientific creationism is 100% crap. So-called "scientific" creationists do not base their objections on scientific reasoning or data. Their ideas are based on religious dogma, and their approach is simply to attack evolution. The types of arguments they use fall into several categories: distortions of scientific principles ( the second law of thermodynamics argument ), straw man versions of evolution ( the "too improbable to evolve by chance" argument ), dishonest selective use of data ( the declining speed of light argument ) appeals to emotion or wishful
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