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The Evolution of Improved Fitnes4

The Evolution of Improved Fitnes4 - The Evolution of...

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The Evolution of Improved Fitness Antibody Genes Despite the logical fallacy in the creationists' dismissal of Dawkins's simulation, the seductive appeal of this argument led me to think that it could be most clearly countered if one could cite a biological example in which -- without the intervention of any intelligent designer -- successive rounds of mutation and selection could be unambiguously shown to lead to increased fitness within living organisms. As it happens, my own laboratory research in the area of antibody genes made me familiar with experiments showing just such a biological example. This example -- somatic mutation and selection of antibody genes -- should make it very difficult for the creationists to continue to insist that random mutations are always harmful and cannot lead to improved function in a real biological system. To appreciate the beauty of the mutational evolution of antibody genes, it is necessary to understand as background the deep mystery that this system posed before recombinant DNA technology made it possible to probe antibody genes directly, beginning in the late 1970s. (The discussion that follows may contain more information
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