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The Evolution of Improved Fitness

The Evolution of Improved Fitness - The Evolution of...

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The Evolution of Improved Fitness 6.3. The antibody system shows evidence of design At my most recent debate with Dr. Gish, he claimed that the model of antibody mutation I described is so complex that it argued for a "designer" and therefore against evolution. This claim of complexity is an evasion that sidesteps my argument instead of rebutting it. Whether the antibody system requires complex mechanisms that appear "designed" is totally irrelevant to the fact that the improvement in antibody affinity derives from random mutations. Regardless of the complexity of the selection system, creationists claim that random mutations are detrimental, and that according to principles of information theory improved "fitness" cannot derive from random mutations. The antibody example refutes their claims; and that is all I was trying to show in my essay. Furthermore, the notion that complexity in living organisms implies a "designer" simply begs the question at issue. Certainly we have in living organisms evidence for astoundingly complex mechanisms that perform complex adaptive functions and that resemble in some respects mechanisms designed by intelligent humans. But evolutionists believe that this resemblance is misleading; they hypothesize that astoundingly complex adaptations can arise from simple organisms by evolutionary mechanisms, without intelligent design. Therefore, complexity does
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