Additional Points on Deviance

Additional Points on Deviance - deviant by the mainstream...

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Additional Points on Deviance white-collar and corporate crime --criminal offense committed in pursuit of business by people and corporate mangers who are usually considered respectable and enjoy high status deviant subcultures --groups that develop values and norms considered outside the culture of the dominant population; examples of deviant subcultures include some musical groups, youth gangs, alternative lifestyles, and nontraditional religious communities. A deviant subculture may be considered "deviant" because it is involved in behavior that threatens the mainstream population or because it is labeled as
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Unformatted text preview: deviant by the mainstream population. • Social deviance: the order vs. the conflict perspective • the order perspective emphasizes the failure of certain groups to internalize the necessary values and norms • the conflict perspective emphasizes the history of subordination and injustice of the dominant social system Social Control--• (def.): in sociology "social control" concerns how conformity is promoted, including through the punishment of deviant behavior • Social control through positive and negative sanctions--• positive sanctions are rewards (from a hug to...
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Additional Points on Deviance - deviant by the mainstream...

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