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Charlotte Perkins Gilman : The Dependence Of Women Background 1. from Women and Economics (1898) 2. 1860-1935 3. feminist theorist, novelist, sometime sociologist 4. Herland , Yellow Wallpaper Argument 1. Partnership of husband and wife not a business partnership 2. She would seem to earn her keep through house service. Women DO engage in an economic activity. 3. Women’s labor in home allows men to produce wealth outside home. 4. Women’s labor is done as duty not employment o Whatever the economic value of women’s domestic work they do not get it. o done as “duty as woman” o if fairly paid ALL women would be peasants 5. oh, so it is duty as mother 6. But that doesn’t work either o "…if motherhood is an exchangeable commodity given by women in payment for clothes and food, then we must of course find some relation between the quantity and quality of the motherhood and the quantity and quality of the pay." o women are not maintained … in proportion to their motherhood 7. The only other argument is that maternity makes women unfit for productive economic work. o
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