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Deviance - immigrants • sometimes government institutions...

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Deviance I. Deviance (def.): breaking social norms; going against established rules of behavior; contradicting cultural values Two perspective of deviance: absolutist versus relative Deviance is relative what was once considered deviant may be no longer considered deviant the definition of deviant behavior may vary by group or culture ("sting" operations are illegal in the Mexican legal system) persons involved in behavior considered deviant may not identify themselves as deviant (e.g., undocumented
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Unformatted text preview: immigrants) • sometimes government institutions and officials become deviant themselves! (illegal wiretappings, police assaulting residents, racial profiling--DWB, sterilization of poor women) • Labeling theory--the creation of deviance by defining acts and groups as deviant (e.g., at one time dancing rock-n-roll was considered deviant) • primary deviance--the act of breaking a norm • secondary deviance--labeling behavior may cause persons to turn to more deviant behavior...
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