Does the Post - Toshiba etc • maquiladoras employ about 1...

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Does the Post-Industrial Society Represent a Post Political Age? the decline of class conflict with the decline of the industrial labor force Global-system context of Post-Industrial Society: U.S. firms export goods and services abroad--from $344 billion in 1980 to $1.2 trillion in 1997 o top purchasers of U.S. exports: Canada, Mexico, and Japan o top exporters to the United States: Canada, Japan, and Mexico a global class structure enables the exportation of jobs to low-wage countries abroad (what is a class structure?) 4,000 maquiladoras in Mexico concentrated on the U.S.- Mexico border (owners include BMW, Chrysler, Sony, Xerox, General Motors, General Electric, AT&T, Ford,
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Unformatted text preview: Toshiba, etc.) • maquiladoras employ about 1 million Mexican workers (especially young women); make workers make less than $10 a day • Increasingly employers in Post-Industrial societies seek the use of foreign workers o the number of temporary workers and trainees admitted into the United States increased from 75 thousand in 1985 to 227 thousand in 1996 In the context of the global economic system, Post-Industrial societies are significantly affecting the world order, altering the historical functions of the nation-state as a basic unit of global regional organization...
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Does the Post - Toshiba etc • maquiladoras employ about 1...

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